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!!This game contains very heavy and sensitive topics, and it is thus only suitable for adults!!

Play as a mysterious trauma cleaner as he faces the end of society as we know it, brought to its knees by a new and unknown phenomenon that has no cure.

Having given up on most things, every day feels to him like the same sluggish chore of waking up, cleaning, going to sleep and repeating.

That is, until he receives a request like none other from a man he barely knows.

A thrilling story to discover and unravel as you progress

3 cleanable locations (more to come in the final game)

A chill, high-quality lo-fi soundtrack

Playtime: Less than an hour

This is the first part of the game. The second (and final) release will be soon, so stay tuned!

Our Profiles:



Know Bugs:

-The text might have some glitches in this version of the game, but should be readable in any case.

Game made for the Yaoi Game Jam 2022:

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorSpongey Kitty Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe After Effects, RPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint
TagsBoys' Love, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, tragedy
Average sessionAbout an hour


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The Cleaner_GameJam_Part1.zip 259 MB

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Time to clean some boyz!



really cute game!!!! i liked the story a lot

Thank you very much! :)

hello is there any way I can save my progress?

The fastest way is to press the button V to open the save menu :)

Interesting world you have created, it feels like it is filled with so many questions to what is causing people’s deaths, while at the same time having such an angelic experience to how people pass on. The multiple different mini games was a challenge and really made for the experience of cleaning the house actually feel like a challenge, especially when so much is left behind after people die.

Thank you very much for the lovely comment and the wonderful video! :D We're honored!

We'll do our best for the full release as well :)

Lovely game and a really interesting take on the apocalypse. Looking forward to the second part!

Thank you very much! :D

We're glad you enjoyed it!

A fascinating world with interesting characters. Looking forward to playing the full game! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for the lovely comment! :)

Did you add the AEW shirt?

That will be for the full game! :)

For now the demo hasn't changed since it was for a Game Jam, and it's only half of the story so there isn't the scene where it will appear yet.

soon :D?

For Halloween if all goes well 😊


Warning: This will have spoilers, truly I did not hold back because I absolutely love this demo. I am a monster with this paragraph I am so sorry.

Oh my god, what do I say?? This is absolutely wonderful! The story is so interesting and the way the world building is done, where usually the world ending would be a big and serious event where here, it's treated almost like it's in the background, from The Cleaner and the others (tho, due to different circumstances). Though the cleaning portion is a bit redundant Daniel and The Cleaner's interactions were more than enough for it~! I really like Daniel, especially on how he's quite kind, timid, and nice but also has his breaking point (though as of now it doesn't seem to be violent as he storms off before he says anything). But also seems to come back in order to make amends or to complete a task, his patience towards The Cleaner and also understanding is just... phenomenal and something The Cleaner desperately needs. Speaking of that, I love The Cleaner not only as how different he is towards other MCs but also because how his past affects him and he isn't just a "tragic MC with a tragic backstory", how he acknowledges his past doesn't excuse his actions. 

I also like how Evie (The Cleaner's boss) seems very caring for him, almost like how Jess was through the snippets gained from the two, and how with her persuasion The Cleaner begins to grow closer with Daniel and their relationship blooming. I love seeing how their relationship bloomed from the awkwardness to something genuine, especially with how many troubles they faced at the beginning of the arrangement and how The Cleaner thinks about his emotions or attachment towards Daniel. I especially liked the part where he childishly tried to show off to Daniel how he "found" someone else, it was in character with how disconnected he was towards society/any normal thing you expect. Not only that, but the fact that these two characters can comfort one another despite their differences and how they bond together... It's just so nice to see, with Daniel's understanding and patience towards The Cleaner and him giving hope and comfort to Daniel's sickness.

Just-- Them!!!! Daniel giving The Cleaner a shoulder to lean on and that kiss on the cheek-- THAT WAS SUCH A VULNERABLE MOMENT I LOVE IT!!!

Hello! :D

Thank you so very much for such an awesome comment! It truly made our day!! :)

We're super glad that the game was to your liking!

We're currently implementing some new mini-games for the cleaning parts so that it is a bit more interesting, and we'll try implementing other ideas to make the full game a bit nicer for those who played to fist part already :)

Of course, we'll also do our best to finish all of the story parts, and we hope you will enjoy them as well :D

Again, a HUGE thank you for the wonderful comment,

All the best! 

It's only part 1 but I'm already obsessed with this! The concept is very interesting, the visuals are great, and I absolutely love the character interactions! Fantastic job so far, looking forward for the next part! :D

Thank you so very much for the kind words! :)

We will do our part for the finished product as well! ;)

Idk why i cant play it it has an error when i launch it

Would you mind letting us know what error is showing? We can perhaps fix it!
Sometimes it's just that the file hasn't been downloaded completely because of a connection error, so downloading it again might work as well!

Have you unzipped the file before launching it?

Sorry for all the question, we'd love to find a way for you to play it! :)

This is the error message I got. Idk what it is lol. Oh and I did extract it so that isnt the issue. But Im likely missing something.

Hello again, and apologies for the delay.

We looked for reports of this bug and while they're very rare (we only found one connected to rpg maker for now), it seems to be having something to do with how the video is played!

It could be a bug from an incorrect movie file or from the core files of the engine. If it's the latter, we're not sure how to fix it, unfortunately, since it would mean tweaking the engine core files. Perhaps simply downloading the file again might fix it.

Are you using an older windows version? (before 10) The new rpg maker tend to not play nice with them, we've had quite a few incompatibility bugs for our earlier games when they were played on older windows or on smaller screens.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Thank you again for your comments, it helps a lot! :)

We can't wait for rpg maker to release their new engine on unity for things like these...

I am on a windows 10 but maybe its to do with me using a a laptop?

That's even weirder, then! :o

We only use laptops so it shouldn't give any problem? This is quite the mystery! We'll see if we can find some other solution but it's the fist time we've encountered such a rare bug :(

If you could share your files we can try giving them a look since we cannot trigger this bug ourselves.

Apologies, itchio message system isn't the best for support!

And we're very sorry you're still running into this problem!

"The Cleaner" That's not Kenny Omega..??

We actually had no idea! Wrestling is unfortunately not very well-known in our countries so thanks to your comment we learned something new!

(1 edit)

Could you have the main character look like Kenny Omega as an inside joke or have the character wear a Kenny Omega t shirt or an AEW t-shirt?.

We can try including one clothing item! :)
There are some scenes where the characters wear other clothes so we can tweak one of the t-shirts!

The game sprites are on the small side so we hope that it won't be too pixelated xD

I would do the AEW one as all it would be is three letters :P

OwO love the RPG. The visual is good and I enjoyed listening to the music. Good game btw

Thank you very much for playing and for leaving a comment! :)
We're glad you enjoyed it!!

Really interesting concept and story! I love the visuals and music in particular; I kept idling the game to listen to the tracks for a while (let me know if you ever decide to post those separately!). The Cleaner grew on me quite a bit as I played, and I look forward to seeing how he and his paramour develop in Part 2. Great work! :>


Thank you very much for playing our game! :)

If you're interested, the music artists are written on the credits.txt file! (there will be a credits sequence in the final game as well) The tracks are also found in the audio folder but it's always nicer to support the artists :D

A huge thank you for the lovely comment,

We will do our best for the second part!


(1 edit)

Game downloaded and launched atm.

Intro is really great and I love the music and the color palette already. Both seem very much different than usual.

And you kinda seem to love bridges, no ? :P

Anyway thanks for this new game and keep up the good work !

Thank you for downloading the game! :)

Is that so? I can only remember one bridge or so :'D You might know my games better than I do ahah

Hope you will enjoy it until the end! :D

I've enjoyed it until the end.

Story is as emotional as usual, and the 'mini game' parts are a great addition, I guess.

All this together make this game a 'one of his kind'

And now I look forward to playing part 2. Thank you :)

We're glad it was to your liking! :)
We'll do our best to get part 2 out soon~

Thank you again very much for playing!

Can't wait to meet the cast and try this new game! It's such a refreshingly unique concept and i love the color pallette in the previews so far! You did so well as always👍🏻 excited to see the full game realized!

Thank you! :DD I'll try my best for the second half as well, I promise.
I hope you will like it!! :)