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!!This game contains very heavy and sensitive topics, and it is thus only suitable for adults!!

Play as a mysterious trauma cleaner as he faces the end of society as we know it, brought to its knees by a new and unknown phenomenon that has no cure.

Having given up on most things, every day feels to him like the same sluggish chore of waking up, cleaning, going to sleep and repeating.

That is, until he receives a request like none other from a man he barely knows.

- A thrilling story to discover and unravel as you progress

- 5 cleanable locations

- 6 mini-games for cleaning

- A chill, high-quality lo-fi soundtrack

- An exclusive artbook that comes with the game (sold separately)

Playtime: A few hours

Steam keys will also be available for people who purchase the artbook when the Steam cooldown will end! :)


Movement- Arrows/WASD

Run - Shift

Interact - Enter/Space

Skip Text- PageDown/PgDn

Save - V

Thank you to everyone for your support, it has been an amazing experience!

We hope you will enjoy the full game! :)

We've released an artbook as well, but only do buy it if you like the game.

No pressure at all, we do understand that times are hard for everyone!

Our Profiles:




-A Graphic Card is needed for some mini-games and to play the videos.

Game made for the Yaoi Game Jam 2022:


Updated 14 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
AuthorSpongey Kitty Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe After Effects, RPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint
TagsBoys' Love, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, tragedy
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Chinese (Traditional)


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i wish the game would become a bit more ... idk how to say just clean 6 things nd reading all time isnt much a game for me was more like one of this manga sites where u need to watch an add for few sec to read again.. thats why i don't really got into that story- really missed more endings here or choices than just klicking randomly to the end.


Amazing, beautiful! I wish I could find the words to describe how this game made me feel. Crying my eyes out, I just pray they made it safely to the new world!

Hello, srry to bother about it, how does it work to purchase the artbook please? The story was so beautiful I would love to support and have a piece of it to keep <3


Hello! :)

Thank you very much for the support!

You have two choices:
1.When you press the download button here on itchio, there should be an option to donate, and if you do the artbook should be downloadable as well.

2.You can buy the steam version and it will contain the artbook, the price is around the same (0.99 vs 1.00 dollar) but no pressure of course :)

If you do one of these two options but there is any kind of problem, feel free to contact us and we'll help you out as best as we can!

kittyspongey@gmail.com if you would rather contact us by email

Have a wonderful day! :D

Thank u for ur answer, it worked perfectly <3

After reading the artbook, I would like to ask if u plan on puttin some sketches n all about the process n the visuals ideas u had before the polished steps? It would be so cool! N I also would like to ask if u plan on doin virtuals posters or wallpaper? Thanks again <3


I'm crying, this was an amazing journey,I hope they get the ending they deserve. I'm gonna get the artbook now, everyone seems to say its amazing, after this experience I surely want to see the next. Thank you for this amazing game


I'm writing sobbing, can't even see my keyboard and why didn't you give us a last ending with them together this was so beautiful but my heart is shattered I can't stop. Crying you don't understand I need a GIF THAT CONTAINS ALL MY ANGUISH and there is none. This can't be... possible I don't have any words just this game was a piece of art and I want to buy the art book and whatever you have, take my money ;;


I just got the artbook so at least I'll cry but reading about the characters NO DANY BOY we also saw the red. FLowers. they were so beautiful. I'm so sad bro.


Thank you for sharing this. I stuck with the story for a whole 3 hour sitting and it really resonated with me. Thank you again! <3

(2 edits)

i want someone to make a theory about this so much- but i will say, i will become a hopeful idiot and say that- in the future the red tulips will be real.

edit: i just bought the artbook and read page 62 so i believe in her.
i can sleep peacefully now

Im sorry, but, may i ask where do you buy the artbook? im kinda lost

i actually bought the game on steam- and the artbook was in the document file :D

Thnk you :D !!

ohohohoho the artbook is so good guys. the whole thing is good, but the last two pages... let's just say they give you more to think about in regards to the lore

I cant wait to see where this concept goes in the future! I'd love to know more about the Void and the Goddess!


*********BIG SPOILERS!!!*****************





I'd like to believe in the second life. And that's because in the end, Eames got the core he wanted so badly. I don't know what "transcending the cycle" means, but I want to be like Eames- hopeful. If he got the core, maybe his goddess really is as kind as he thought, y'know? And regardless of transcendence or not, I think she'd give them another go around if she can.


holy shit... This was wonderful. I couldn't put it down at all once I started! Such a touching story, and I'm very impressed by the clever ways the game engine was utilized, too! I wouldn't have thought to use the mechanics of RPGMaker or something like that to make cleaning minigames!

The story was wonderful, and I loved the ending, too. It was a great way to end it, I think. I'm still processing the emotions it gave me and my interpretation!



i uh, would anyone mind helping me understand the ending? ;; got a bit lost there..


I took a bit to finish the game but, I didn't regret the 2 hours spent with this beauty. The story is amazing, the creators really know how to make you grow attached to these characters. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into as one night I had downloaded a bunch of games I found that seemed interesting but even with the eerie feeling this game might be 'too much' for me, the story kept me addicted! The mini games were great, I enjoyed the new mini games coming in each clean and the rising difficulty as you continue, even if I sucked at the typing one. The ending is good, I feel very interested in these characters even now that I'm done and I do hope more will come out of this amazing storyline. I'll be sure to keep an eye out on this creator. The character arcs were amazing and I can't stress enough how attached I grew each time I went in.

Small Notes:

I had some issues with the floor cleaning mini game as sometimes it would let me click once then not clean the rest, I had to go back to my old save to redo it and it worked just fine though. I suggest strongly to save every time a new clean starts just incase as you cannot save well the story is going. I don't think it's the creators fault for this small issue so I suggest simply going back in the game then complaining. ^^


I find the ending really peaceful actually? If you pay attention to 'The Cleaner's beliefs, it's peaceful to see how it ended and I honestly really hope for the characters to get that 'new life' in another game :) I adore the lore so much and I found it funny when I managed to assume things at the start and get them revealed as correct through it yet the void lore really surprised me at the end! 


Thank you so much to everyone credited for this amazing game and I am excited to see any other work you lot create in the future! I hope that this review helps anyone who strolled by this game and was like me, curious about this gorgeous work of art! I am 100% looking into everything there is from this creator after this review and y'all should too <3 


I'm crying my eyes out. Thank you for this amazing experience, this game have a place in my core now. ♡ 


I- I just finished and I might just die. This needs to be a book or something

It's like a VN combined with an RPGMaker game! Isn't that so clever? And the story....wow!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY IS THERE  NO HSOWING OF DANIEL AND EAMES HAVING THEIR HAPPILY EVER AFTER that aside, I don't remember the last time I cried because of a game, this is beautifully written and god what i would give to play this for the first time again <3

im on my web browser on my tablet


Unfortunately The Cleaner is only playable on a Windows PC for now.

can you make it so you can play it in browser pleaseee

i can't play it


!! Spoilers for the game !!


I'm crying a little bit. I went in expecting jumpscares (to make it clear, there are a few, but not as much as I was expecting) and ended up with a doomed romance that broke my heart. 

I'm so happy that the doomed romance wasn't advertised because I'd never have played it otherwise-- I'm usually not good with bad endings. But this was bittersweet and hit all the right feels. And the end? When Eames gives Daniel's core and dies of heartbreak? My HEART.

(Speaking of which, I noticed that Daniel wasn't smiling when he died-- I guess Evie finished her job after all. I do want to know what it means to transcend, though.)

The dialogue got a bit long at times- and I like to think that I have a pretty high tolerance for long game dialogue- but it had me mushy, fond, and sad all at the same time.

I'm so curious to know if there is a new cycle and if everyone got their happy ending, but some things are best left unanswered. I'm so glad I chose this to be my first new game of 2023. I love it so much!

*********SPOILERS!!!********* (itch c'mon add a way to spoiler our comments already dangit)

I do wish we would have gotten slightly more about what "transcending" meant. But, then again, I like how the game leaves certain things about the religion vague. It makes it feel...more realistic? Because no matter your religion irl, it's impossible for you as one person to know the whole truth. 

And there's also the question of at what point religion turns into cultism. Not finding out the whole truth about his backstory also made him feel real. It made him feel more human. 

Real people who have suffered trauma... we never know the full story of what those who caused our trauma were thinking. Why they hurt us the way they did. How they justified it to themselves. Real life trauma sufferers are left wondering all the time why we were treated the way we were. Sadly, most of us never really get a full answer, because those who hurt us either aren't around any more, or they still think they were justified. 

So whilst some stories might be annoying when they don't give answers... I mostly think leaving things up to interpretation was a good move here.

...Transcendence is the only thing I wish would have been hinted at a little better. We weren't given much at all to go off of, unlike other aspects of the story.


The story is just... so good TT
Would love to translate this game into Spanish!

Hello! :D
Would you please send us an email at
kittyspongey@gmail.com ?

So we can discuss this further :) It would be awesome to have more languages!

A beautiful storyline, character design, and just wow... I fucking cried damnit and that is the rarest thing ever. I love it, short but even the mini-games were worth it. So underrated, and so recommendable!

thank you for creating such a wonderful masterpiece. the way this game touch on the topic of mourning hurts my soul.

I enjoyed playing it <33 ! It made me cry so much, so amazing

AEW shirt :D?


absolutely beautiful this game has made me ugly cry harder then a game has ever done before. 10/10


I'm ngl this game has me really interested but I'm so confused lmfaoo

(3 edits) (+3)

Made a Full playthrough out of it, I can Say that this game is GOLDEN!!! 

From character development, world building, pacing...Everything about this game is real smooth.
it didn't feel like the romance and lore was forced to the player at all.
I didn't even realized that I've been recording for a long time since it was so chill and smooth.

I don't wanna spoil anything but recommend you guys to try this game on ur free time. Absolute chill piece of literature. 10/10 


The story game is so good. i like everything in this gamr it made me cry at the end. ;-;

(1 edit) (+1)

I returned for the full game after playing the jam version some time back, and I loved both the improvements to the game in general and the second half of the story. It's so beautifully sad, and I've still got a lump in my throat typing this. The characters had grown on me in the first half, but by the second I was utterly reeled in. The atmosphere remains top notch, and the worldbuilding remains intriguing (and mysterious!)

I saw you're looking at an indirect sequel, and I for one will happily give my vote and say that I'd love to see more. For now I'll chip in for the artbook with best wishes and the promise of seeing a little extra!

Thank you so much for this game. It's going to stay with me for a while, and I'm so glad I played when I did...

(Spoilers below)

Happy birthday, Eames. May you and the people you love get the next life and second chance you wanted.

Is the AEW shirt in it?

Gorgeous - well done.


Thank you so very much! :D

(2 edits) (+3)

     THE ENDING!! IT IS SUCH A TWIST! TOT!! FUCK!! THE ENDING WAS SOO SAD!! I honestly hope there's like a 2nd season or some sequel to the game but it feels empty to leave it off like that. This game is so depressing. :'( 

     Other than that, this game is amazing! The story plot is just intriguing like no other. World buildings are very interesting and complex. With the Void, cult, and the Smiling Death (I looked up on the Smiling Death and I don't recommend it for the faint of heart. Actually, don't look up at all, it's really not gruesome at all, just pictures of religious people smiling in their final moment. It's still creepy, though.) I wish there's a save so I can replay certain parts of the game so I can experience it again and maybe cry again lol.

     The mechanics for cleaning is very simple and fun. I think it adds a great imagery for such a sad game. I say it's a great distraction from the depressing apocalypse. 

     This game is aesthetically beautiful ♥ The character design is very suiting to the world and the story plot and how they come to be to the very end. I am very happy that they are able to convey their feelings and their personal problems and traumas to each other (even though they are the only people that's alive). The pacing of introducing our main protagonist is excellent. I don't feel the rush of it and how the buildup of the character development is just right. We get to understand and know more of Daniel and Eames and their backstory through cleaning houses, of course.

     I enjoy end of the world type of game/scenario, so when I saw this game, it just piqued my taste. I am very glad to come across such beautifully depressed that it hit just right on my tongue and overall, I am hoping and looking forward for more of this series (if you ever plan to which I hope because I love to see a Happy Ending for Daniel and Eames. I, honestly, believe they deserve a Happy life even in death.) I have so much fun playing The Cleaner. I look forward to what's to come in the future.

     That is my conclusion of the game The Cleaner.


Hello! :)
Thank you so very much for the wonderful comment! :D We're glad you enjoyed the game!

There IS more to the story, indeed ;) There's a little bit more written about it on the artbook but since it's paid no pressure to buy it :)

We hope that one day we'll be able to bring you the (indirect) sequel as well.

Best wishes to you! :)

(1 edit)

:O darn it didn't come with my bundle. I'm v tempted tho!


Time to clean some boyz!



really cute game!!!! i liked the story a lot

Thank you very much! :)

hello is there any way I can save my progress?

The fastest way is to press the button V to open the save menu :)

Interesting world you have created, it feels like it is filled with so many questions to what is causing people’s deaths, while at the same time having such an angelic experience to how people pass on. The multiple different mini games was a challenge and really made for the experience of cleaning the house actually feel like a challenge, especially when so much is left behind after people die.

Thank you very much for the lovely comment and the wonderful video! :D We're honored!

We'll do our best for the full release as well :)

Lovely game and a really interesting take on the apocalypse. Looking forward to the second part!

Thank you very much! :D

We're glad you enjoyed it!

A fascinating world with interesting characters. Looking forward to playing the full game! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for the lovely comment! :)

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