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!!The remade version is finally live :) Please consider getting it if you enjoyed the game/have any coin to spare!!

It comes with free Steam keys.

Leaving something behind is a hard task, Niles knows it all too well. When a stranger disturbs his peaceful everyday life and routine, he has no choice but to face the past and make some life-changing decisions.

Yet, it keeps on beckoning him.

96 is a short, story-driven horror-esque LGBT+ game. 
It is set in a small, post-apocalyptic island that has long been left in shambles by an unknown ailment.
It was made in RPG Maker MV, but it is more akin to a visual novel game/walking simulator game than an rpg. As such, the narration is prioritized over the gameplay.
It is by no means a game suited for a younger audience, please be aware of that.

If you'd like to know more about the game (beware of spoilers), we had some lovely people write articles about it!

Free Game Planet:

5mg Site:

Warp Door:


Please do check them out if you're interested! :)

Or, if you'd rather watch someone else play it, AlphaBetaGamer made an awesome video on our game!

Hi everyone, this is our first game, we hope you’ll like it. It was made in two months, so please keep that in mind. There are no (or very little) custom assets as the challenge was to tell a story with pre-made assets. None of us are native speakers and we apologize for any mistake. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to proofread the game officially.
TW : the game is quite dark and heavy and was made with an adult audience in mind, so please be careful.

Special Thanks:

-Atumsk - Spanish Translation


-Meneth62 + Hoshiko - French Translation

Be sure to check them out if you're interested in a great translator!


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Ninety-Six.zip 205 MB
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Ijust finished playing this and i cried, its so sweet but so sad. omg.

i love this game! it felt really sad and bittersweet i cried haha. i liked the ending too, although sad it felt realistic and that hit way harder. tysm for making this :)

i am emotionally devastated and will think about this in the dead of night for the rest of my days. i love it <3

That was really an intense experience. You did a wonderful job writing the story. 9/10 i loved it !

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What are the main differences between the original and remaster? Visually at first glance I can't really tell what is different.

EDIT: Oh nevermind, the layouts and stuff are different^^

this game ruined me. thank you for creating such a wonderful game T-T


So good I ugly cried. Wow

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing the game, we're glad you like it! :)

Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I'd like to ask your permission to do a portuguese translation, if needed, you can also contact me in my twitter @C0FFEP4LETTE or my e-mail coffeepalettetraducus@gmail.com <3


Thank you for you interest in the game ! 

For requests like this, please contact us at this adress : kittyspongey@gmail.com :).

mac version doesn't work :( says the application "game" can't be opened

Hi ! Thanks for you interest ! 

Unfortunately, due to many problems, the Mac version is not supported anymore. You can always make the Windows version work with the help of Wineskin.

aw :( okay will give it a shot! i really want to play haha

tried using porting kit and got this unfortunately

TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined...

Hi! I would like to know, if you are interested in adding a russian translation for your game! If yes, let me know how to contact you.
Apologies for leaving such messages in the comments, didn't find a way to contact you privately


Thank you for you interest in the game ! 

A russian version is already planned, but thank you for asking :).

Wow. This game had been on my to play list for a while now and now I am upset I didn't play it sooner! I really enjoyed it and was close to bawling by the end. Amazing story telling and world building 100/10 

Hi ! Thank you for playing the game and for making a video about it :). 

We're glad you enjoyed the game, thank you again !

wow.... I didn't expect it to be that good especially for your first game. It really made me sad especially because I can understand the feelings... I love someone since 12 years now and there is no day where I can't think about him and thinking about him is the first I do when I wake up and when I go to bed... The thing is he knows about it (even though he is quite homophobic but he doesn't care about me being gay which is weird) but I never told him directly into his face how I feel about him because I'm too scared to lose him forever... There is no person in live I ever had the same feelings for which I have for him and I doubt it will ever happen so I'm stuck to get hurt forever... If a situation like in this game would come up I would end the same not being able to let him go even though I know that he is dead...
So I can say this game is something special for me now and I really want to thank you for creating it.

The entire time playing it I had every scene visuallized as manga or anime in my head because it would fit so good. I'm also really glad for the bonus folder (which was already unlocked?) the image is just so cute.

Thanks again you made my day with this ♥

Hello ! 

Thank you so much for playing, we're glad you enjoyed the game :).


Absolutely fantastic gut punch of a game. Kudos. :D


Thank you so very much!! :D

Deleted post

Hello :)

We're so very honored by your comment!! :D
Thank you so very much!!! <3

For the translation, we'd love to see 96 in more languages! Would you mind contacting us outside of itch.io? So we can discuss it :)
Either by email: kittyspongey@gmail.com
Or twitter: @Spongey_Kitty

Again, thank you so very much for the wonderful comment! :)
We wish you all the best!

The password for the bonus folder doesn't work...

Apologies, as this is the first time we get a report about it!

Is the spelling correct? It can be found anytime in the img folder if needed :)

We haven't changed the files ever since the last update (aka a while ago) so it's supposed to work :(

If it still doesn't, we can always provide you with an unlocked folder! :)

I cried in a total of 4 times playing this. Amazing story, visuals and sadness. 10/1

Thank you very much for playing our game! :D And for the nice comment :)
Sorry about the tears! :(

noo, the emotion made it even better!! 

hello I just finished the game and I really love the story.Although it’s a pretty short story,the depiction of the character is really good.I like the way that everything has related so peacefully but actually there was a fking huge tragedy with all behind.I wonder if you guys have any Twitter or social media that I can follow and also I really want to draw a fan art of this game so that I can tag you guys when I post the picture:)Thank you for the hard work and giving me a really nice gaming experience !!

Hello! :D
We're very glad you enjoyed the game!
Thank you so much for the super nice comment!! :D

We do have a twitter, yes!
It'd be our honor to be tagged in anything xD


i just finished playing the game and I would say is the best game i had play in a while :D. the story is amazing such as the art!

one thing i didn't quite understand was the code displayed in the end 

what is it for? :o


Aaah, thank you very much! :D

The code is for opening the "Bonus" folder inside the game files :D (since it requires a password)


This is the best LGBTQ game I've ever played. I hope you keep up the good work and I can't wait to play the Next part <3.

Aaaah, thank you so very much!! :o We're very honored to received such an awesome comment! :)

I'M CRYING.. This was such a nicely made game. Everyone you better confess to your crushes now or you'll regret it in the future.


[-cause they might get zombified and will just barely spit out their response after you get mercy killed]


Aaaah, we're very glad to have such a kind comment! :D

Lol yes it is indeed good advice xD (unfortunately for poor Niles)

Hey! I am a Spanish RPGMaker fan and I'd like to translate your game to Spanish so my community can also enjoy the game and we can make it arrive to many more people! If you asre interested, please hmu at retrootakus@gmail.com and we will discuss the terms! :) 

I wasn't going to play this... until I realized it was tagged lgbtq+ Downloading now!!


I dont know how .rar files work....



(1 edit)

Hello, and thanks for checking out our game! :)

.rar files work exactly like .zip files if you have used them in the past!
You simply need a program like winrar (https://www.win-rar.com), but of course any other compression program you want to use is fine!
You just need to extract them where you like and the game will be ready to play :)

Apparently there's an online extract as well, we just found out:

Let us know if we can do something more or if something is unclear! :D

Tysm i cant wait to play the gam

We hope you will enjoy it! :)

I'll never know how to work with rar files

im basically saying i need help and dont know how to make rar files work

(1 edit)


To open .rar file you can use a program like winrar for example! :)

There's also an online extractor if you don't want to download a new program:

It's exactly like .zip files if you have already used them :)

You just need to extract them and then you will have everything ready :D

Let us know if we can help more :o

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inspired ^^, keep fight! btw, is this game made by solo? what's the tutorial do you see for this amazing game?

Hi! :D
Thank you for the lovely comment!

Yes, this is a solo game :o We're two to manage this account, but I'm the only one making the games!
I started using rpg maker a very long time ago, so I never used tutorials unfortunately xD (they weren't very common at the time to be honest)
I tend to just trial and error my way through everything, which is not always ideal :o

In terms of resources, for this game I used the game boy asset pack, though! 
Maybe it can give you some ideas! :)


HI :D, thanks for infromation! love it, you're so kind and all the best for you ^^.   Really like that game btw, because i want to make a game in rpg maker mv too. hehe


Thank you so much! :)
We wish you all the best as well! :D
Rpg maker is very friendly so don't be afraid to just try things out and see what they do ^^
It's always a joy to see a new rpg maker dev, we hope you will make the game of your dreams :D

You're Welcome,  :D yea i have an idea about RPG MAKER MV's Game. >< Maybe, i'll give you some information soon ><

backwords its 69? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Which is why we picked 96 instead xD
Thought it would give people the wrong impression if it was called 69 lol

no way I MADE THIS COMMENT 2 YEARS AGO (new account)

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello again it's me (not Mario) :D So, now I'm playing the 4th chapter of the game, and I'll leave the videos here, so if there's any brazilian players like me, please enjoy it!

The complete gameplay has 8 episodes, so please, download the game to help the Dev <3 and of course, subscribe my channel to help me!

Hello! :)
Thank you very much again for this!

We've deleted your other post as requested, but we'll still play the game and let you know our opinion! ;) (a private message feature would be nice indeed)

(1 edit)

Okay so i just finished the game and i just want to try to make something funny because the end was so sad ;-;


Niles : *tries to make Six talk and fails*

Elise : *shoots Niles*

Sixteen : *starts talking*

Niles's ghost : excuse me ?

(also the drawings in the bonus file were cute :0)

Hello! :)

Ahah, thank you for much for leaving a comment! :D

The next game shouldn't be this sad, hopefully xD (there is a happy ending, hooray!)

Although my idea of sadness and tragedy seems to greatly differ from the ones of my beta testers :'D


Deleted 2 years ago

Hello, like I promissed, the first gameplay is in here - translated in brazilian portuguese by me, I think there is a caption option by YT for my comments, hope you enjoy! Thanks for making the game!

Sorry for the delay!! 
Thank you very much for doing this, we're incredibly flattered!! :D
It means a lot to us and we're glad you're enjoying it!
Thank you as well for the translation we know it's a lot of work.

We'll check the video out and we'll be looking forward to the other ones as well~

Hello there! I'm a Brazilian GameDev and Youtuber, and I've have enjoyed your game very much, played and recorded it to my channel and translateted it as I was playing it. I hope You Like it, I've made it a series of 8 videos, and I'll post 1 by week every thurdays. But fear not, I will always post it here to you :D

Oh boy it's 3 a.m and I don't feel so good...I didn't cry but this feeling of heaviness in my chest will be here for a while :( If only things could be different for them...

Anyway, I love 96. Thanks for making such a wonderful game! Can't wait to see more of your projects in the future! 

Hello! :)

Thank you so very much for playing our game and leaving a comment! It means a lot!! :D
We're glad you enjoyed it, despite the angst :)
If you haven't played it yet there's the bonus episode available as well on itchio, but it's mostly some self-indulgent alternate ending :) So no pressure

We're very grateful, then! We will do our best on the next game as well :D
Development speed has been delayed a bit by irl problems but it should go back to its usually speed before 2022!

We hope to see you again when the time comes :)


Before playing this game I was already drawn in by the gorgeous colour palette but I had no idea what I was in for with the story. It was incredible and had me crying before it was even over.


As a queer person, I'd say it captured the hollow bittersweet feeling of unrequited love a lot of us have unfortunately dealt with perfectly. Not to mention the guilt that can often come with it too. 

Thank you for making this <3

Thank you so very much for your amazing comment!! :D

We're super glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thank you for playing <3


i really did not expect this game to make me cry when i first booted it up, but i'm glad it did

such a phenomenal game with a really heart wrenching story


Thank you so very much for the nice comment!! :D 

We're glad you enjoyed the game! :)

by the way, do you think you'll ever work on a sequel or a game set in the same universe?

It's not exactly a sequel but there is Another Story that is supposed to be played after the main game, if you haven't checked it out yet and are interested in it. :)


If you have, we're sorry to say it's the only bonus episode we have for now for 96. :(

The new game is set in another universe, but who knows what the future holds. ^^

Thank you for the interest!

This game looks excellent but it continues to get stuck at 24 percent when unpacking the .rar file.

Hello! :)

We're sorry you're running into this issue! :( It's the first time we're hearing about it, so could it be related to an incomplete download or something like that? Or is there a specific error message that's appearing?

Is it the Windows or Mac version?

We hope we can find a solution :'(

This was so good! I wasn't crazy about the graphics in the screenshots - but the story and execution really blew me away! Thanks for creating this gem. 

Thank you very much for you comment! :)
We're super glad you enjoyed it! :D

the game looks super cool... sadly my Mac wouldn't open "Game"..

Hello! :)

Thank you for your comment!

Unfortunately we do not own a Mac ourselves and had to make the OS version on a friend's Mac so we are not sure which OS versions are compatible with it. Right now, we are unable to make other versions unless we find someone else who has a different Mac. :(
We're very sorry about that!!

There's always the gameplay video on Youtube (with no commentary) if that is all right with you, or we were told that the emulated windows version should work.

Thank you for your reply:"(

I really want to try out this game as it looks amazing, so I plan to play on my friend's PC!

Aw, thank you!! :'(

We hope you won't run into any trouble with the PC version!! :)

I finally got a chance to play it on PC and almost cracked when I see the picture of 9 and 6. They're beautiful people. 

Ah, we're glad you could play it!! :)

Thank you so very much!! :D

Howdy! i loved 96 and i would really like to keep myself up to date with whatever other projects you make, do you have like a fan discord or is it just this forum?

Hello! :)
We're super glad to hear that :D

Besides itchio we do have a twitter page for now, if that's okay!
We're currently posting some new stuff about our new game  there :)

Thanks for the nice comment! ^^

where is the password of !!bonus!!rar?


Let me get a spoiler tag for those who don't want to see it!




It should be 9loves6 ^^

It should show up after the credits :)

When I open the game, I get some errors like this : 

TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined
at Function.Graphics._createRenderer (KhasUltraLighting.js:397:28)
at Function.Graphics._createAllElements (rpg_core.js:2339:10)
at Function.Graphics.initialize (rpg_core.js:1769:10)
at Function.SceneManager.initGraphics (rpg_managers.js:1822:14)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize (rpg_managers.js:1811:10)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize [as khas_core_initialize] (UppPalette.js:85:33)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize (KhasCore.js:126:10)
at Function.SceneManager.run (rpg_managers.js:1802:14)
at Function.SceneManager.run (YEP_CoreEngine.js:1371:32)
at window.onload (main.js:8:18)

What should I do?

Hello! :)

We're sorry you're running into trouble with the game!!

Could we have some more info about it?

For example, which version is it? The windows or the Mac one?

On which system are you running it?

Rpg maker mv sometimes really don't like older systems like windows 7 (it's super picky for some reason)

It might also be that the game is missing some data, please make sure you've decompressed it and nothing is missing.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we will be able to find a solution! :(

mine using windows 10 and directX 12 suppose to launch easily, but the game said 

"TypeError Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined"

Hello! :)
Thank you for your comment!

Usually this happens when some data is missing/incompatible/corrupted. A re-download might fix it, since sometimes the downloads can be a bit unstable on itchio! (If there are no conflicts with other programs such an anti-viruses etc.)

Otherwise, make sure you're not using any old save data on a newer version of the game or anything else like that.

It is quite the rare problem from what we saw (only reported twice and it's the first time we hear about it for our game), but hopefully we can find a solution! :)

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