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Leaving something behind is a hard task, Niles knows it all too well. When a stranger disturbs his peaceful everyday life and routine, he has no choice but to face the past and make some life-changing decisions.

Yet, it keeps on beckoning him.

Hi everyone, this is our first game, we hope you’ll like it. It was made in two months, so please keep that in mind. There are no (or very little) custom assets as the challenge was to tell a story with pre-made assets. None of us are native speakers and we apologize for any mistake. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to proofread the game officially.
TW : the game is quite dark and heavy and was made with an adult audience in mind, so please be careful.

Updated 2 days ago
Published 11 days ago
AuthorSpongey Kitty
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
TagsBoys' Love, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, RPG Maker, tragedy, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Its a amazing game, one of the most emotional games what i see.

this game stuck in my head (and its so hard to do so good job)

I only miss one thing, maybe different endings :( maybe a happy ending or something :( i really liked this game.

so if this game gets more ending, i think, i can say this is the best game in this type.

Thank you so much for your support, we are glad you liked the game! <3


This was really good, I really like the aesthetics and color selection in this game!! Also what does the secret code mean?


Thank you very much for your comment!! :D

The secret code is to open the "!!Bonus!!.rar" folder :)
The location is slightly different depending on the version you have, but it should be either in the main directory or in the "www" directory.

The bonus is so cute! Thanks for including this!!


Our pleasure!
Again, thank YOU for playing! :D

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Beautifully written. The transition from the shock of keeping a zombie in your house to the pity (and, to a certain degree, empathy) at Nile's reasons for doing so was very well done. The story was very well-written and compelling and I must say I shed a few tears at the end! Definitely one of the best indies I've played in a while. I rate it an i cried / 10. I hope to see more content from you in the future! :)

P.S: I'm 100% replaying this so I can unlock the super secret Bonus thing. Well-hidden! I almost didn't notice. :D

P.S.S: Sorry if I'm not meant to ask, but - I've been looking through the files (I'm a developer, couldn't help myself) and I was wondering, is there some place I can privately message you guys? I have a few questions that I don't want to put out here because it might spoil some things.


Hello! :)

Thank you so much for such an awesome comment!!

I hope the bonus folder will be to your liking, it's just a small thing after all :)

Of course!
We're on twitter at @Spongey_Kitty or you can email us at kittyspongey@gmail.com!
Whatever you prefer! ^^


This was an amazing (and heart-breaking) experience. Hope to see more made by you guys in the future!


Thank you for your lovely comment!! :)


Thanks !


The only real issue i had was frequently bumping into stuff but overall great game, i barely held back tears and would love to see more

Thank you for your support ! 


Hi, this was a great story. Very compelling.

On another note, I found a small bug. Around the end of the game I found a text box that probably wasn't supposed to be there at that point in the game. I was walking through the shopping area looking at the coprses when I thought I heard Niles's come out of nowhere, "Aren't you cold, Ava?"

Hello! ^^

I just patched it, and I will upload a fixed version as soon as I can :)

Thank you for your amazing comment and for the very useful feedback!! :D


This game made me cry terribly, which is very hard to do. Is it possible in a later version to have a sort of after credits sequence with Sixten and Niles together in the afterlife? Or even an image? -M. Manatee


Hello! :)
Thank you so much for your comment, it makes us very happy!!! ^^
(sorry for making you cry, though :( )
Actually, we might have something in store concerning that ^^
We hope we will be able to bring it to you guys, one day :)
Again, thank you for your support and for your lovely comment!! 


You are welcome, I expect great things to come from you guys! Enjoy the donation.

Oh my ! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to us <3

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Hi. That's a good game you produced here. The plot is interesting, the soundtrack is very good, visuals are nice. I took a chance to make a gameplay for my channel. You have talent in write plots man, keep it up!

Thank you very much for your support! We are glad you had a good experience with the game.
Thanks for the video, it's really nice of you.
Y & Hoshiko

I cried SO MUCH, that was beautiful ! TwT <3

Thank you so much for your support <3


I watched the AlphaBetaGamer playthrough of "96" this morning. I usually scrob through playthrough vids, especially when they're long...but I found myself absorbed in Niles' story for the full one-and-a-half hours. While I could tell the dialogue was done by non-Native English speakers, the STORYTELLING was ABSOLUTELY COMPELLING and the feelings did not get lost in translation.

For me, think the nuanced opinion/portrayal of Niles really lands; he's sympathetic but, like Elise, I wouldn't necessarily call him my friend.

Not to mention the soundtrack was spot-on and the aesthetic was A++.

SILENT HILL 2 is famous for being a horror game, but a deeper look reminds us that it's always been a tragic love story, and "96" follows this tradition. Well done, y'all.

Thank you so much for your feedback!
We tried to proofread the dialogue as much as we could but the both of us aren't native English speakers so we are truly sorry about that :/. We are happy that it was not much of a problem for the understanding of the story though ^^.

Thank you again for your comment, we really appreciate that and we are amazed that people liked the game <3.

Y & Hoshiko

I made a gameplay of your game.

Thank you so much for making a video about our game! We're very glad you took the time to play it.

Y & Hoshiko

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Amazing game, beautiful story, I loved every second.

Sadly, at the ending screen, it showed an error message saying: "Failed to load: img/titles1/Ending.png"

(1 edit)

Hello! :)
Thank you very much for your lovely comment and your feedback!!

We'll work on the issue right away!
We're very sorry for the trouble and cannot apologize enough!!


(1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing the game!
Thanks for the feedback, we are sorry for the error message, Y is going to patch the game to correct it.
Thanks again and sorry, we hope you still had a good experience <3.

Again, thank you for your feedback!
I uploaded a new version of the game, hopefully this time nothing wrong will happen!
(the first devlog has more info about it and its compatibility)

I apologize again for the inconvenience from the bottom of my heart.



this was such an incredible story, i don't think i've ever cried because of a video game before but i bawled my eyes out for at least a half hour over that ending ): thank you for creating such a wonderful game!

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Thank you so much for playing ! 
We're delighted to know that you liked the game.
Thank you again for playing and for the feedback <3


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Thank YOU oh so much for your wonderful comment!! :D
We're glad you enjoyed it! ^^


Well, that ending only made me cry a lot.

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Thank you so much for playing. I understand, I cried so much when I beta tested, even Y cried when they made the game !

We hope it was still a good experience, thank you again for your support.


I've been waiting for this release for so long~ so excited 😁

Thank you for your support <3