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This is a small add-on for our game 96.
If you haven't played it, please make sure to play it first, or nothing will make any sense.
You can find it here.

*Spoilers for 96 ahead*

Hello everyone! :)

This is a short spin-off that takes place 6-7 years before the events of the main game and dwells on what could have been.
It does not try to be a mind-blowing experience or anything like that, it is merely a short, fluffy add-on that was very requested by many people and that we hope will make you feel better after the ending of the main game.

Be aware that it is Niles/Sixten-centric, and as such it  contains themes that are perceived very differently depending on the country you live in.
As a reminder, they do not share any blood and Niles was never adopted by Sixten's family, hence why they have different family names. 
You are entitled to your opinion, but we do not consider them as siblings, especially since Niles has never seen Sixten as his brother.

If anything about this add-on bothers you, please feel free to skip it.
It is an optional story, after all, and the main game is its own separate thing.

We hope that those of you who are interested in it will have a nice time :)

Again, thank you for your support!!

See you in the next game! :)

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorSpongey Kitty Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRPG Maker, Aseprite
TagsBoys' Love, fluff, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, RPG Maker, spin-off, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout an hour


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This is super embarrassing to admit, but I'm not very tech savvy and I have no clue how to add the dlc. Any tips?

Hello! :)

No problem at all! The DLC plays as a standalone game so no need to add it!

You can open it by clicking on Game.exe just like 96.


This is just what I needed after the emotional ending of the first game! A beautiful alternate to the story! Highly recommend for everyone!


So cute and a great what-if spin-off ♥

Thank you for playing ! :)


A really cool addition to 96's main story. I liked it a lot. 5/5

Thank you so much !


I'm hoping you'll include a macOS version soon.

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It's weired that I cried a lot in the another story rather than the main story!I really really hope another story is the true ending,but the main ending is amazing as well.I'm just hard to accept the cruel truth.My English sucks so I can just show my feeling in poor words. I'm very glad I could play such a wonderful work from you!I’m looking foward your next creation!:)

Thank you for the comment!! :)
You can pick the ending you like the most as canon :D
Thank you so very much for the kind words!

Don't worry, our english is also far from being perfect!

I really Love this game. This is just Beautiful. If you made any other games I will play it no hesitation. easily A 100/10 game 


Thank you oh so very much over here as well :D
We're glad you enjoyed the bonus! :)

We'll keep doing our best for the next game too :D Hopefully it won't come out in too long ^^

Is this getting a Mac version like the main game? :o

We apologize for the missing Mac version, but we are not able to provide one at the moment :(
To export the game to Mac, we need to own a Mac, and none of us does unfortunately.
Last time we asked someone to do it for us but we'd need to find someone else with a Mac. Hopefully we will, one day!

Apparently it's possible to run the Windows version on Mac?
We hope it works! Again, we cannot test it ourselves :'(

Sorry for the inconvenience!! m ( _ _ ) m

It works! :o That's actually a super  cool hack for getting Windows RPG Maker games to work on a Mac, thanks!

Omg. I had so many moments when i needed a little break just to accept that this is not the real ending... But both versions of the story are so good, I love it! I Wish I could see any other games from you and wish I could make myself believe that the another story is actually the real story :') (sorry if my English is too bad, that' not my language :( ) 

Aaah thank you very much for the amazing comment!! :D

We're glad you enjoyed it :)  

We'll try releasing a new game in not too long, hopefully ^^

And don't worry about that, our English is far from being perfect as well xD

oh, i'm late but Another Story is such a good game. I have never cried this much over a game. Wish you all safe to make more good games like this ^_^

It's all right :)
Thank you very much for the kind comment :D
We're glad you enjoyed the game ^^

We'll do our best for the new one as well :D
We wish you all the best as well! :)

I need more of this!

(I am a sucker of happy endings and sweet romantic stuff<3)


We're glad you enjoyed it! :D

The next game will have a good ending in the main game, we promise ;)



this made me so happy after de emotional void the fist one left me with

it's still sad that this is just like the "what would have happened" and not the actual ending and that they didn't really have a chance to say a "forever" to each other on the original game but I love it thanks for making this it made me so very happy btw sorry if I misspelled something english is not my first language

Hello! :)

We're so very glad! ^^
It might not be the original game, but you can choose what's canon and what's not :)
A lot of people prefer this ending over the original one, we won't lie xD

Don't worry english is not our first language either it's totally fine ^^

Thank you so much for the awesome comment :D

will we have a remastered version?

Hello! :)

We're currently working on our next game so it's unlikely we'll modify 96 in the near future, but can we ask what you'd like to see in a remastered version? :)
Thanks for the comment!

a better graphics, non pixelated to be precise :) everything is pixelated I'm actually having a hard time reading

hmmmmmmm :3 to be honest... i didn't expect we get a good engding :P then.. i see this, that "glitchy" start then a whole different outcome, and boom, i really liked it!!! i decided, this is my ending for the whole story ^.^

Be careful spongey kity, do not get corona, i don't want you become a zombie :P

a big thanks from Riki :3

Hello :)

I guess I wasn't really planning on a good ending, truth to be told xD But so many people, including my friends and family, asked for it so I ended up writing one :'D

Still, we're glad you like it! :) It is just a small bonus but we did hope people would feel better at the end of it, compared to the main game ^^

As for which ending is canon,  everyone can pick the one they like the most :)

Thank you so much for the kind comment, please take care as well :D


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Duuuuude, the first game devastated me so much that I didn't sleep much that night.  The ending never left my mind and kept on thinking Niles and Sixten deserved better.  Then, I played this and they finally had a happy ending. I never cried so hard over a same-sex couple.  As a straight shipper, this made me appreciate gay couples more.

96 and Another Story deserves more attention from gamers and romance lovers alike and fame just like other RPG maker games such as Misao, Mad Father, and Ib. Looking forward to the famous gamers like Jacksepticeye or ManlyBadassHero playing this in their upcoming videos.

I'm looking forward to your games like this in the future as well, Spongey Kitty!  Your works have so much potential.  Keep it up, guys! Stay safe and may this year fill you with prosperity and happiness! :D             


Hello! :D

Thank you very much for this amazing comment!! TwT
It's beyond wonderful to receive such kind words <3

We're happy you enjoyed Another Story as well :D
Even though our stories usually revolve around mlm content, we do try to write games that everyone can enjoy! ^^
They are humans first and foremost :)

We lack the words to express our gratitude properly, but we'd be honored if any other youtuber ever plays 96!
Still, we're absolutely thrilled by the support we got, and cherish every single one of you guys and every comment we received! :)

Thank you very much, we will do our best for the future projects as well! o/

We also wish you an amazing year filled with good things only and lots of happiness! :D

A great way to end the story of Niles and Sixten, I feel much better for them now. Thank you for making such a nice game!

Ah, we're so very glad!! :)

We were pretty scared of releasing this, truth to be told.

Hearing such nice words from you made it all worth it! :D

Again, thank you so very much for your support!!!
Our gratitude extends beyond the limits of our capacity to express it!!

We hope you have an amazing day :D
Thanks for playing <3

Out of both endings, I prefer Another Story's much better. I like to think that the plot of the original game was just Nile's realization of what could happen if he didn't help Sixten, which spurred him into such extreme action.

Oh, that's such a nice interpretation!!
We really like it as well! :)

I think all of the beta testers liked the ending to Another Story more, so some of them see it as the canon one ^^
Personally I think that every player can choose which one is canon, so everyone is happy! :)

Again, thank you for everything :D
We will work hard on the new projects as well!!


yay! so happy the dlc is out! i hope everyone will like it ^^

Thank you!!! TwT
We hope so! :)